What does "TAC" mean or stand for

Question What does "TAC" in TAC310 or TAC311, what does the TAC mean or stand for

DMR Net Talkgroups

Two new talkgroups have been created by the Brandmeister USA team for the purpose of running nets.  If you want to run a DMR net, you now have a place to do it.
Net 1 31001
Net 2 31002

DMR Talkgroup changes:
3109x talkgroups belong to state of Connecticut
OLD          NEW
31090 31600 USA AREA 0
31091 31601 USA AREA 1
31092 31602 USA AREA 2
31093 31603 USA AREA 3
31094 31604 USA AREA 4
31095 31605 USA AREA 5
31096 31606 USA AREA 6
31097 31607 USA AREA 7
31098 31608 USA AREA 8
31099 31609 USA AREA 9

DMR Advanced Database Search

DMR Advanced Database Search


We are running out of ID for Brandmeister

Getting a lot of questions around why we are issuing 3100nnn for USA and 3020nnn for Canada instead of the State/Provincial specific ID's. There are a few simple reasons.

  • We are running out of ID's, the old way of assigning ID's by state/prov isn't working
  • Many states/provs have already reach nnnn999, There is no where else for them togo
  • MCC numbering scheme was never designed for states/provs, This was a 'nice to have' made up system
  • Brandmeister as of May 1st has decided to no longer route 1nnn MCC ID's

Fortunately the only real solution was to go to the base sequence of the country and start assigning the ID's sequentially. We have started with CAN and USA, but all countries will shortly follow, This solution has been implemented in the EU regions for some time. This is still only a short term solution, we will still eventually run out of ID's as there is finite list that will function with our system.

Hoseline API Docs? Application Programming Interface

Hoseline API Docs? Application Programming Interface

Getting started
To get started with the Hose line API, you first need to get an API key from the Hose line development team. Currently there are no pre-requirements to get such a key. The registration is required so we can monitor the amount of resources consumed by applications that make use of the API.

Content types
When doing a call on the API, you must be explicit about what Content-Type you are expecting. Failure to do so will result in a HTTP 400:

$ curl http://api_user:api_key@lab.maze.io/api/ping/
Bad Request

BrandMeister Network Users Support Group

BrandMeister Network Users Support Group

BrandMeister Network Users Support Group

Discussion group :

BrandMeister Users Forum (BUF)

Help Improve the Experiences for Users at BrandMeister Network
Do you have questions about your user experience at BrandMeister Network?    We discuss our experiences as users and share our ideas and support each other by helping one another within this areas, and offer various techniques when conversing using BrandMeister Network.   We strive to provide a resource of the highest quality for all users alike.

BrandMeister Network Users Support Group

Some statistics about unique IDs using BrandMeister and selfcare accounts

Some statistics about unique IDs using BrandMeister and selfcare accounts

We ran database query over the past 6 months and have seen that more than 54,000 unique DMR IDs have been utilizing the BrandMeister network. That’s more than half the number of IDs assigned by DMR-Marc !

As of today, 16,000 unique users have created a Self-Care BrandMeister account . (per call-sign; some call-signs might have several DMR IDs)

Thank you all for your continuous support for the BrandMeister DMR network!

DMR IDs and Callsigns grouped by Country 2017-12

Summary of files containing DMR IDs and Callsigns grouped by Country
Brought to you by VE3WZW, Last updated: 2017-12-07
Total number of IDs = 78,813

SMS functions via DMR

The Brandmeister network has some functions to request information via SMS messages. To access these functions specific keywords are to be sent to DMR ID 262993. Then the system responds as well via SMS on these requests. Below you’ll find an overview of these commands with some explanation. The commands are not case sensitive.

Command Explanation
help Shows an overview of the available functions
echo Sends immediately a response to test the SMS function
wx Weather at the repeater site
wx help Overview of all available weather commands
wx Town Weather in the city ‘Town’
wx zip Town Weather in the area ‘zip’ in the city ‘Town’
wx zip, cc Weather in the area ‘zip’ in country ‘cc’
wx Town, cc Weather in the city ‘Town’ in country ‘cc’
wx zip Town, cc Weather in area ‘zip’ in city ‘Town’ in country ‘cc’
wx gps Weather at the actual position of the DMR user according to the radio’s GPS
metar xxxx METAR message at the airport identified by ICAO code ‘xxxx’
gps help Overview of all GPS commands
gps Shows actual GPS position including the name of the location (street, city) of the DMR radio. Also direction and distance in relation to the actual repeater are provided
gps set Stores the actual position as ‘Home’ location
gps home Shows distance and direction of the actual position in relation to the previously stored ‘Home’ position
gps callsign Shows distance and direction in relation to DMR user identified by ‘callsign’

Furthermore it’s possible to route DMR messages into the DAPNet pager network. More information regarding DAPNet can be found at the website of Dutch Amateur Pagernetwork and RWTH Aachen (Aachen University). Messages for DAPNet are to be sent to DMR ID 262994.

A pager message for DAPNet is to be sent in the format [callsign] [message], for instance PX0XXX This is a message from DMR to DAPNet . This sends a messagetext ‘This is a message from DMR to DAPNet’ to user PX0XXX . Prerequisite is that ‘PX0XXX’ is a registered DAPNet user.

Brandmeister AirSecurity Setup

Brandmeister AirSecurity Setup

I am using Google Authenticator, scanned the QR code, then retrieved the six digit access code. On a DMR Transceiver TYT-MD380 or Motorola XPR7550e I go to Contacts, Manual Dial, Radio ID, and enter "9" then the six digit access code (waiting for it to refresh first), then key up.

Station International Space Station BM TG 316272

Station International Space Station - BM TG 316272

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Do you want to protect your ID on the air from illegal use?
Air Security allows to make time - limited access using your ID
Air Security is optional, you can turn it on or off via Dashboard
At this moment Air Security can protect calls that go via master server only
Two options to activate an access session:
  • By pressing button at Dashboard
  • By sending TOTP password on the air (SMS or private call)
Your access session will alive for half an hour on all repeaters and hotspots connected to the same master server


How it works?
Based on Time - based One - time Password Algorithm (RFC 6238)
Dashboard creates unique secret only known to your TOTP app and BrandMeister
TOTP app generates unique passcode every 30 seconds
You should send this passcode to BrandMeister to open access session