Hello. As you know with Brandmeister, as soon as someone PTT on a Talkgroup, the transmission becomes available to all repeaters on all Brandmeister master servers. This is done through the FastForward links between all the masters. If a Parrot Talkgroup were to be created, this would have multiple negative effects, the most important ones being: the audio tests would create unnecessary traffic on the entire Brandmeister network, and only one person at a time could use the Talkgroup because in BM all Talkgroups are distributed worldwide.

This is why it makes more sense for the Parrot functionality to be a private contact; which is routed directly from the sender to the recipient.

With regards to the MD655, PD0ZRY has posted a screenshot showing how you can create an entry in your codeplug using a private contact instead of a Talkgroup, which will work for the Parrot functionality:

Let us know if you have further questions. Thanks!

Unfortunately we cannot add TG to parrot. TG call will be addressed to all behind the master, are you sure you want to disturb all with your parot tests? :)

Talk to Parrot on TG

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