Brandmeister Enhancements

Good afternoon, everyone.
The past 36 hours have brought forth some great enhancements in the performance and operation of Master Server 3103, and refinements to 3102 and 3108.
The GPS reporting functionality is now operating perfectly, and the links for APRS Location posting have been fine tuned.  If you have a BrandMeister supported GPS radio (Motorola, Hytera, etc) than all should be functioning perfectly now.
Getting the APRS connections refined and tuned has made it possible for APRS Messaging to be enabled across the BM USA Servers.  3102, 3103, and 3108 now all support "APRS Messaging  from radio to phone, phone to radio, radio to radio, and phone to phone." We've tested it also with a number of things such as WxBot, and find it to perform much better than we expected.  Check the BM Wiki for info on how to use it, if you are not already familiar.
The BrandMeister USA Shark RF IP Protocol Server is now fully tested and available from our high speed server farm in Chicago.  We will be releasing more information on that in days to come, but we feel that it too is a fun facility and perhaps a valuable resource for many with the SharkRF openSPOT's who would like to implement a more private network of their own.
As we continue on with the standardization efforts, there may be some moments of "wonky" behavior on one or more US Based BrandMeister Servers.   We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. 
Support matters will not be addressed on Facebook as it is not a viable means for such.  Please feel free to email the BrandMeister USA Team via, or as we prefer, Telegram BrandMeister Support groups.
In the near future, we will be releasing more information about new and upcoming features.  However, I encourage you to contact you local repeater SysOp for assistance first.    Let's not cut them out of the loop by going straight to Server and Network Administrators.  I think you will find them a valuable resource with local knowledge of they systems and its best use.
Lastly, The Team has announced the availability of TG-3160 on any BrandMeister connected System.  This talkgroup, the "BM USA" talkgroup, may be used to support Q&A, Testing and troubleshooting, and much more in the future.  Current plans for a US Based BM Technical Support Net is being finalized and expected to be held on TG-3160 as well.
With that, I bid everyone a pleasant afternoon, and thank you for your patience and support.  Please remember that all the folks working tirelessly with the BrandMeister USA Team are volunteers offering their expertise to us all from the kindness of their hearts.

Dan Feeney, N6BMW
BrandMeister USA Admin


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